Monday, June 25, 2007

quickie - day 8/9

Woke up in Osoyoos yesterday and made a beelien for Penticton, my old stomping grounds. Real easy ride, its changed a lot in 10 years. Took a photo by my old junior high school, went back to the Wal-Mart (theee hangout)... its pretty funny the looks I get stumbling to checkout with a load of chocolate bars spilling over, plus I'm picking the ones with the most calories (Oh Henry! at a whopping 320 cals and Mr Big at 310 by far the best)

We then went to Kelowna during a rainstorm and hoped Vlada's old friends would come through for us on short/no notice. Finally they got home from a camping trip, and were the most amazing hosts (Bratzo + Antonka). They fed us enough food in 2 meals for 2 weeks, and set us up in their trailer which was luxurious comfy. So me and G had our own beds last night. I've eaten way too much. We're going to Sicamous now just stopping off in Enderby.

ITs funny how little goes through your head on the road, most of the time its the next meal (chocolate bar or can of beans, mabe eggs?) or its the chafing shorts. Today after 2 hrs I realized I had both my top and my shorts on backwards which explains the pain. Trying to get into this Magister Ludi by Herman Hesse.

Calgary in a week or so. Hope the magic knee fairy comes tonight to heal G b/c in a couple days we're doing Revelstoke--Golden--Banff. (the last couple days doing about 130km, we're trying to push for 110+ avg)

Monday Funday!

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Y S Lee said...

Hey Pat,
130Ks a day is excellent! I love that you're now checking nutrition labels for the *most* calories...