Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 6-7

Sorry no photos yet, this computer is ghetto and I'm just trying to hammer these out before the time runs out. I ruined the day by burning 12 eggs for breakfast. Said goodbye to the RV camp owner Steve and his wife Dori and climbed a significant amount of hills again, passing several Ironman trainees on the way - before coasting downhill into Osoyoos in the face of wind that threatened to blow us off our bikes at any moment. Staying the night in another RV park, its pretty funny how we're always the only tenters. Osoyoos is beautiful, laid out in the valley and perfect for windsurfing. G went to a doctor who prescribed more of the same meds we already got. Need the rest.

Change of plans. No more #3. We should have always taken the #1. Anyway now we're going up 97 to Penticton then Kelowna, to hit Banff before going thru Calgary. No Cranbrook and no insane 1700m climb Salmo to Creston.

Pics coming soon. We're doing ok just a little burned but we just got a magnetic chess set (Sweeeet) and some really cheap wine (is it illegal to be drunk at 10am?). Have a good week guys.


Arash Nazhad said...
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Arash Nazhad said...

YOU GUYS ARE G's. Hope your having fun along the way.

Anonymous said...

Pat and Goran,
Good to hear from you; take good care; we're enjoying ourselves in the Loire Valley today; going to Paris tomorrow
Mum and Jacques