Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 3

Started the morning off in nowhere on the highway woken up by several strange voices outside our tent. We'd been warned by a reserve patrolman that we were in a high crime zone so... in the middle of the night I heard steps and promptly jumped out of the tent knife and light in hand which was wonderful considering I'm completely blind without contacts. Biked 40 min to Chilliwack to get a new inner tube for G's bike at Ed's. Beautiful ride, gorgeous weather. Made it into Hope where a man passing by struck up a conversation.

He ended up offering to by us dinner, Dick, a high school principal from Nunavut with no shortage of tales about basketball, native kids and life in the North. Great guy, and a wonderful random act of generosity. Did you know starting wages for teachers there is $75,000 (plus $20,000 for living costs)? Maybe I'll go do that.

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