Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 4-5

Long day, biked from 10 until 730 in the evening. Climbed to the summit of Manning Park, 1342m to camp. More beautiful weather and gorgeous views. 2 flat tire in a row for me within 30 minutes.

Next day made it all the way downhill Manning Park into Princeton, a truly insane downhill bend where we're just ripping past cars and holding on for our lives. The brake wear on my back tire, of course, resulted in another flat just as we got into town. G got a new seat, I got a new tire (this back tube is patched like Frankenstein), then after a long lunch we biked towards Keremeos, stopping in ghost town Hedley for a pint (2 in my case) served by a Briton. 8am to 8pm ride made for some up and down emotions but when we pulled into an RV park in Keremeos, the owner turned out to be Croatian so he hooked us up for free. Great guy.. Its ridiculously windy here.

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