Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 1-2

So on the first day we leave Jericho at 230 pm and try to illegally walk across the port mann bridge but are busted, so we have to walk backwards on the highway. Then we accidentally circle Coquitlam to waste a good 25km. Then I get my first (of many!) flats. Camp out in Maple Ridge at 88km cycled and dark.

Next day is our first long inclince near Mission and almost die. But, coming straight down for 5-8 minutes is amazing and ripping around bends at 70kph. Our odometers both stop working shortly after. Roll into Agassiz and promptly pop G's tire via overinflation. There's no bike shop here and its late so we set up camp behind an abandoned restaurant (ends up being on a Native Reserve) where we spend the night jumping at shadows in fear of having all our gear stolen.

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