Friday, August 3, 2007


Leaving Ottawa this morning after being laid over for a couple days. It's a nice city to walk around, even go to school in, and we're staying right in the heart of downtown with G's friend Jovana but I have been pretty sick so we lost some time on the schedule. Anyways, nothing we can't fix, and off to Montreal today to stay with Kate and Sean. Have a sweet weekend, we certainly will.


Y S Lee said...

Sorry to have missed you guys! Have a great ride and eat lots in Montreal. Bagel-wise, remember: St-Viateur, not Fairmont.

Arash Nazhad said...

WHATS UP CHAMPS . . . still working on the quebec city link. . . hopefullly something will come up soon.

fatpatsat said...

thanks ying sorry i didn't get ahold of you but we ran out of time.. trust me ill check the bagels

arash bud i know you wont let us down, we ate down the street at the pizza by your old place last night. ill give thies a pound for ya