Friday, July 27, 2007

while we're stuck in cochrane

put up by our kind librarian shirley and her husband terry (catching a bus early tm morning to north bay - the only option b/c of no bike shops for ages)

here are some new photos. copy and paste


Anonymous said...

You're nearly there! Keep it up, and thanks for the photos and journal notes.

JulieGerald said...

Hi Goran and Patrick:
It was a pleasure to meet you and to greet you in our home. We really enjoyed your company and wish you all the luck in your journey for this good cause. We hope the rest of your trip will be great as you are great people. Good luck and do not quit and you are in our thoughts. SALUT!
Julie & Gerald (Shallow Lake, Ontario)

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys when you come through montreal, we are in st jean sur richelieu. you can email us at we are the sister and brother in law of Gerald and Julie in Shallow Lake.

Have a good run no steroids

Tom and Celine

Arash Nazhad said...

Yo big boys sorry dude i have asked everyone i know it looks like i aint got any links in Quebec city i got one more person and thats it see what happens GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHAMPIONS