Sunday, July 22, 2007

temporary blah thing

ok im po'd because this computer deleted my post

we left thunder bay today (thanks curtis, janet, cheryl and tim) and after a few stayovers (at the mccauleys in dryden where i went waterskiing for the first time courtesy of mike, barbara and aj - also straining my entire lower body) we've now changed our route to highway 11
which connects back in North Bay and we're about 11 days from Ottawa.

this means small towns and boredom for the next 10 days but flatter and easier on the knees.

thank you to everyone who has demonstrated the wonderfully human capacity for generosity and hospitality. also thanks to family and friends who have been supporting us with messages, emails etc. - (that includes CC's family and friends as well)

sometimes its hard to think we're only half done but your support helps us push through these little speed bumps on our journey.
no silly photos this time..

God bless and take care


Su said...

Dear Pat and Goran,
You're doing great! I think of you both and pray for your safety and well-being.
Mum (Su)

Arash Nazhad said...

Hey champs

Everytime I am at the gym I lift another weight in your spirit.

Dude you need a boombox attached to your bikes that chant Queen's We are the Champions.