Sunday, August 5, 2007

lazy in mtl

new photos:

we're staying in the gay village (papineau and logan) with my old dj buddy Sean and his gf Kate. nice weather considering its mtl and just relaxing before the final home stretch - also Kate's friend works for Global TV so we're going on the local Morning Show tm at 6:55am to plug the cause. then leave right after for Quebec City.

other than that, not a whole lot new. it's been just over a month since CC left us and its good to know we'll finish the trip on the same schedule that he had - pushing it a bit since I miscalculated the days we will lose biking off the highway to and from Halifax (and was smart enough to eat rancid peanut butter for half a week).


Arash Nazhad said...

Whats up Skeletors hows it going champs. . . I hope you guys are enjoying your break. . . about to go to the gym and work the chest be lifting extra hard on your behalf. . sorry but i cant find anything in Quebec. . . i tried quite hard. sorry ! GO TEAM P&G and that aint proctor and gamble alright i am ranting trying to procrastinate anyways back to work and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hey sup Patrick, you guys are all the way in Montreal now? Dude, that's Wicked.. you two are looking more and more like marathon athletes though.. anyways enjoy the beautiful city and if you have a chance devastate a fresh chocolate croissant or six for me ;)

Jerome said...

that was a long last stretch home, hope you have enjoyed it